Revisit writing assignment 5 in view of what you now know about polling and confidence intervals. In particular, write a piece in response to Andersen's column (quoted here), explaining in what sense, for example, the survey of 979 out of hundreds of millions of Americans could indeed give a reliable indication of the feelings of the general population. Take the point of view that you're explaining the issue to readers who don't understand how it works, taking particular care to explain what the margin of error means and the probabilistic sense in which the findings of the poll are ``reliable'' in terms of indicating the feelings of the population as a whole. (Ignore whether or not the poll questions were well phrased; just focus on what we can say statistically about the likely results if this specific poll could be given to the whole population based on the results of the sample.)

AS part of your essay, be sure to explain how you think a journalistic should phrase the results of the poll Andersen discussed, in order both not to overstate nor understate the actual information available from the poll.