Homework 5, due Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The following problem appeared in the March 1927 issue of Popular Science:

A merchant sprang a poser on the bank cashier
when he gave him a check for $200 and said:
``Please let me have some one-dollar bills;
ten times as many twos as ones;
and the balance in five-dollar bills."

The original March 1927 problem was to determine how many of each kind of bill that the cashier gave the merchant. This is very similar to a problem we did in class: how many mints and Milky Ways should you buy to spend exactly $2, if mints are 5 cents each and Milky Ways are 21 cents each?

Explain how the answer to the problem we did in class can give us an answer to the Popular Science problem, and say what the answer to the original problem is.