Harbourne's Math 107 Calc II

Where do I take the Final?

TASectionUsual Room Final Exam Room
Fey351Usual Room: OLDH 208 Final Exam Room: BURN 115
Imholte352Usual Room: M&N B7 Final Exam Room: CBA 117
Go353Usual Room: BURN 232 Final Exam Room: CBA 128
Pathak354Usual Room: NH W185 Final Exam Room: OLDH 207
Ahrendt355Usual Room: HAH 133 Final Exam Room: BURN 115
Instructor: Brian Harbourne
Class Time: 12:30-1:20 MWF
Class Room: Avery Hall 115

Office: 331 AvH
Tel.: 402-472-4476
Office Hours: Tentatively,
and 1:30-2:30 p.m. M W F, or some other time by appointment, but feel free 
to drop by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can make an arrangement for later. 
email: bharbour@math.unl.edu
web: http://www.math.unl.edu/~bharbour/

Here are the recitation sections, TAs, rooms and TAs, office hours and email addresses:
Sctn  TA                   Room     Office & Office Hours                email 
351   Kyle     Fey         Old 208  AvH 230 TR10:30-12:30               s-kfey2@math.unl.edu
352   Nicholas Imholte     M&N B7   AvH 233 TR10:30-12:00, 1:30-2:00    dethwing@fuse.net
353   Susannah Go          Burn 232 AvH 236 MW 9:30-11:20               s-sgo1@math.unl.edu
354   Manoj    Pathak      NH W185  AvH 227 Tu 11:00-12:00              s-mpathak3@math.unl.edu
355   Chris    Ahrendt     HAH 133  AvH 228 MW2:30-3:30, TR9:20-10:20   s-cahrend1@math.unl.edu

M107 Resources

Gateway Exam: Students will be required to take a gateway exam, which tests basic calculus skills. The Gateway counts 60 points toward your semester total; each of the six problems is worth 12 points, up to 60 points. (Thus you only need to get 5 right to get full credit.) There are also 6 practice Mastery exams to help you prepare for the Gateway exam. You have 5 attempts to pass each one; each is worth 2 points of extra credit (out of the semester total of 700). You can take them from any web browser at your convenience.

Quizzes: Most Thursdays there will be a short quiz, on recently covered material, usually including a problem taken from the syllabus. The bottom two quiz scores will be dropped.

Group Projects: Students in each section will be divided into groups, each group comprising 3 to 5 students. Each group will turn in a group project (to be assigned later) for a group grade. Here is a copy of this semester's project.

Tests: There will be three in-class tests. The expected dates of each test are listed on the syllabus. [Sometimes an exam just doesn't go well; who knows why! To help take this into account, your lowest hour exam will be replaced by the final exam percentage IF that improves your average (so as not to punish someone whose final does not go well).]

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 6:00pm - 8:00pm; room to be announced the last week of class. Everyone must take the final exam; do not make plans to leave town before the final. You are expected to arrange your personal and work schedules to allow you to take the final exam at the scheduled time. Students with conflicting exams may be allowed to take an alternate final, but note that the alternate is always given after the regularly scheduled final. No student will be allowed to take the final exam early.

Grade Scales, Averages and Semester Grades

There are three hour exams. In addition, there are periodic quizzes, a group project, the Gateway Exam and the Final Exam. Your Semester Grade is determined by averaging your grades on these items with the following weights:
               3 hour exams worth                100 points each
               recitation quiz average worth     100 points
               group project worth                40 points
               Gateway Exam worth                 60 points
               Final Exam worth                  200 points

               Total                             700 points