Harbourne's Math 107 Calc II

Where to go for the Final Exam

The Final Exam is from 6 to 8 pm, Wednesday, May 5.

For Harbourne's class:
If your TA is Amy Frederick, Dan Buettner or YuFu Kuo, go to: HENZ 124
If your TA is Amanda Potts or Christina Eubanks, go to: CBA 143

For Rammaha's class:
If your TA is Amy Frederick, Dan Buettner or Justin James, go to: HENZ 124
If your TA is Amanda Potts or Christina Eubanks, go to: CBA 143

For Thomas's class:
If your TA is Olgur Celikbas, Lis Jump or Mu-wan Huang, go to: HAH 104
If your TA is Jacob Weiss, go to: HAH 110

For Ahlschwede's class:
Go to: OLDH 204

Class Project (47K pdf file download)
Instructor: Brian Harbourne
Class Time: 12:30-1:20 MWF
Class Room: Othmer Hall 106

Office: 935 OldH
Tel.: 402-472-4476
Office Hours: Tentatively, the half hour right after class 
(i.e., talk to me outside the classroom, right after class),
4:30-5:30 p.m. W, 4:00-4:30 pm F, or some other time by appointment, but feel free 
to drop by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can make an arrangement for later. 
email: bharbour@math.unl.edu
web: http://www.math.unl.edu/~bharbour/

Here is information about the recitation sections and TAs:
Sctn  TA                   Room     Office & Office Hours   email 
351   Amy       Frederick  Old 208  2:00-3:00 TR  501Bldg 
                                    3:00-4:30 W   501Bldg   afrederick@math.unl.edu
352   Amanda    Potts      M&N B7   3:00-4:00 M   501Bldg
                                    9:00-10:00 Tu  501Bldg   
                                    4:00- 5:00 Tu  501Bldg   apotts@math.unl.edu
353   Christina Eubanks    M&N 203 11:30-12:20 TR OldH 1st floor lounge
                                    2:30 -4:30 W  MRC       ceubanks@math.unl.edu
354   Dan       Buettner   NH W185  2:30- 3:20 M  501 Bldg
                                    9:30-10:20 Tu 501 Bldg
                                    1:30 -2:20 R  501 Bldg  dbuettner@math.unl.edu
355   Yu-Fu     Kuo        HAH 133  1:30- 2:30 TR 501 Bldg  ykuo@math.unl.edu

M107 Resources

Gateway Exam: Students will be required to take a gateway exam, which tests basic calculus skills. The Gateway counts 60 points toward your semester total; each of the six problems is worth 12 points, up to 60 points. (Thus you only need to get 5 right to get full credit. You can also get 10 points of extra credit by getting all 6 right, so the Gateway can be worth up to 70 points.) It will be first given in class on paper; students who want to improve their scores can take it again on computer in the Math Lab or at the Testing center (see the syllabus for details).
Signup Directions:

Go to the URL http://calculus.unl.edu/edu/classes/harbM107Spr04. On the student menu, click "Register for this class". Fill in the form. Note that you choose your own login and password. Click "OK" and verify or correct your entries. If you happen to forget your password, register again using the same name and new login. Your instructor can use the system to combine your old records with the new ones.
Quizzes: Most Thursdays there will be a short quiz, on recently covered material, usually including a problem taken from the syllabus. The bottom two quiz scores will be dropped.

Group Projects: Students in each section will be divided into groups, each group comprising 3 to 5 students. Each group will turn in a group project (to be assigned later) for a group grade.

Tests: There will be three in-class tests. The expected dates of each test are listed on the syllabus. [Sometimes an exam just doesn't go well; who knows why! To help take this into account, your lowest or your two lowest hour exams will be replaced by the final exam percentage IF they are at least D's or better (to encourage a good faith effort) and IF that improves your average (so as not to punish someone whose final does not go well).]

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 6:00pm - 8:00pm; room to be announced the last week of class. Everyone must take the final exam; do not make plans to leave town before the final. You