Putnam Exam

We want to encourage undergraduates who
might be interesting in participating in the 65th annual Putnam
Competition.  We ask those of you teaching advanced undergraduate
courses and honors sections of courses such as 106, 107, etc. to make
an announcement in class. Better yet, if you know of any individual
who might be interested, consider approaching him or her directly.

Please note below that the deadline for signing up is

   MONDAY, OCTOBER   11th,

and so we would appreciate it if you could announce it in your classes

Here is the vital information:

-- The 65th Annual Putnam Competition will be held on

         Saturday,  December 4, 2004.

   It lasts from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm.

-- The Putnam is a challenging, problem-solving oriented competition
   for undergraduates across the US and Canada, but it requires no
   advanced knowledge of mathematics. In particular, the competition
   is certainly not limited to math majors.

-- Prize money of $150/$100 is being offered for first and second
   place competitors among UNL students.

-- In 2000,the UNL Putnam teams finished 12th out of 322 teams which
   competed in the US and Canada, and we were first among all US
   public colleges and universities.

-- Interested students can sign up by e-mailing 
Prof. Tom Marley (tmarley@math.unl.edu) or 
Steve Dunbar (sdunbar@math.unl.edu) or stopping 
by their offices (205 Avery Hall and 308 Avery Hall, respectively).

-- Again, the deadline for signing up is MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th.

We offer thanks in advance for your help in finding interested

  --Steve Dunbar and Tom Marley