Extra Credit Quiz

Prof. Glenn Ledder of the Math Department is doing a study to see how web testing can most effectively promote student learning. To help him with this study, I am making available an extra credit quiz. This quiz has 10 parts for a total of 10 points (just like any other quiz), but unlike in-class quizzes this quiz is unproctored: you can do this quiz at any computer with web access. However, you can't do all of the parts at once. The computer will make available each part according to the schedule below:
  1 - Simple Indefinite Integrals      9/20 to 6pm 9/24
  2 - Simple Definite Integrals        9/20 to 6pm 9/27
  3 - Indefinite Substitution          9/22 to 6pm 9/29
  4 - Definite Substitution            9/24 to 6pm 10/1
  5 - Harder Indefinite Substitution   9/27 to 6pm 10/4
  6 - Completing the Square            9/29 to 6pm 10/6
  7 - Integration by Parts             10/1 to 6pm 10/8
  8 - Trigonometric Integrals          10/4 to 6pm 10/11
  9 - Harder Integration by Parts      10/5 to 6pm 10/12
 10 - Partial Fractions                10/6 to 6pm 10/13
Each of the 10 parts has 3 or 4 questions drawn from the database for the actual Gateway exam. Each part is available for the limited time shown only. If you answer more than half of the problems on a given part correctly, you get the 1 point for that part. If not, you can try it again and keep trying again until the deadline for that part. If your eventual total score out of 10 is higher than the average of your other quizzes, I'll average this score in as another quiz, which will raise your quiz average. Otherwise I'll ignore what you do on these web problems. Thus not doing them won't hurt, while doing them can help, not only by raising your quiz average but also by making you better prepared for the Gateway exam and any other exams and quizzes that involve integration (i.e., almost all of them!).

Here's a link to get started: Extra Credit Quiz.
A new window will open with a scrollable text field; click on the assignment (as named above) that you want. (You may have to register with the system first; if so, you'll need to click on the registration link when the new page comes up.)