All talks in Avery Hall 115

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Time     Speaker   Abbreviated Title (click for abstract)
12:45     Opening Remarks   
1:00       Craig Huneke     Inequalities between length and multiplicity
2:00       Julianna Tymoczko    Constructions of the Springer representation
3:00     Coffee Break   
3:30       Susan Cooper    Bounding Hilbert Functions of Fat Points
4:30       Suresh S Nayak    Compactification of essentially finite-type maps
6:30     Dinner and Reception   Chez Wiegands, 2400 Sheridan Blvd. (directions)
Sunday, September 21, 2008
8:00     Continental Breakfast   Avery Hall
9:00       Krishna C. Hanumanthu    Toroidalization of locally toroidal morphisms
10:00       N. Mohan Kumar    ACM rank two bundles on hypersurfaces
11:00       Dana Weston    TBA