KUMUNU 2011 Registration

The KUMUNU 2011 conference proposal submitted to NSF has been recommended for funding. We ask all participants to register for the conference using the registration form below. We use the registration information from a given year to help prepare a request to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for conference support the next year. Registration is also necessary in order for us to make decisions about what level of support we can offer participants.

The main support we expect to be able to offer is support for lodging, and we hope to provide this support by paying lodging expenses directly to the Holiday Inn. We hope to pay for participants' lodging (with grad students expected to share rooms). However, depending on how many participants there are, we may be able to only partially pay for lodging. For participants who register by March 15, we will send a confirmation email to let them know what level of support we will provide. Later registrants will be handled on an ad hoc basis. If you would like to request (possibly partial) reimbursement for other travel expenses, you can do so on the registration form below.


Lodging support will not be in the form of reimbursement but rather in the form of direct bill to the Holiday Inn. Thus, in order to receive lodging support, you need to stay at the Lincoln Holiday Inn-Downtown. It is also necessary that you fill out the registration form below, so we know who you are and can let you know what level of support we can provide.

Other Travel Expenses

There is limited money for non-lodging travel support, especially for non-regional participants, but if you would like to request (possibly partial) reimbursement for travel expenses, you can do so on the registration form below.

The Registration Form

Please enter the requested information (in place of "Name", "Rank", etc.):
How many will you be bringing to the reception (including yourself)? If you are coming alone, enter 1:
Email address (in case we need to contact you):

Poster Registration:
Do you plan on presenting a poster (yes/no)?

If so, what is your poster's title (up to 150 characters)?

Also please give a short (at most 400 character) poster abstract:

Lodging (for your lodging to be paid as we hope to be able to do you must stay at the Holiday Inn):
If you are requesting lodging support, will you be staying 1 night or 2?

If you are a grad student, whom will you be sharing a room with?

Travel Support Request (if you'd like to be considered for travel support, answer the following questions; we will let you know how much support we can offer):

Are you driving or flying?

If flying how much is your flight?

If flying how much reimbursement would you like to request?

If driving, what are your estimated expenses?

If driving, how many people are you bringing with you in your car (enter 1 if just yourself)?