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Spring 2018 Math 221

Differential Equations

11:00-12:15, TuTh
Avery 19

Office Hours:
12:30-1:30 TuTh



Office: 318 Avery

Email: bdeng1@math.unl.edu

Phone: 472-7219 (No voice messages, please)

Turn Off All Wireless Electronic Devices Except For Sanctioned Calculators During Lectures, Quizzes, And Exams

Final Exam:

10:00 to 12:00 noon. Tuesday, May 1

Avery 19

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Download: Topic for Final, Laplace Table

         Syllabus & Policy

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         Review Worksheet: Differentiation, Integration

          MathLab Assignments and Due Date

Lab1 Feb. 6

Lab2 March 27

Lab3 April 12

Lab4 April 19

         Exams and Solution Keys (current semester)

         Sample Exams: Fall13, Fall11, Spring09, Spring08, Fall06, Spring 06, Fall 04, Fall 03, Spring01, Fall00, Summer02. (another Final and its Solution Sheet 1 and Solution Sheet 2 . More Samples: 2003, Quizzes.)


         Supplemental Notes Phase Plane Method


         Sample Maple worksheets for directional fields, solving differential equations, and more. Worksheet1, Worksheet2, Worksheet3(Chaotic Attractor), Partial Differential Equations

         Sample Maple worksheets in a folder

TeX Sample File

Seminar Talk on Neuronal Model