Guidelines for Projects


                              Basic Format: 2.5 points (Limited to one Cover Page plus 2 more pages maximum, prepared by a text software, stapled. The Cover Page contains the following formation: Title of the Project, Names and Signatures of Members, Your Section Number)

                                       Writing: 2.5 points (Introduction paragraph describing the problem; Main body of report containing formulation, analysis, and resolution of the problem; Conclusion paragraph)

                       Good faith effort: 5 points (You will know it when you see it. Your report must be neat, complete, and easy to follow.)

                               Mathematics: 10 points (Problem formulation, reasoned analysis, and conclusion)



Writing Tips: With a possible exception for the introduction and conclusion sections, you can follow the writing style of examples of the textbook. You want to use a balanced mix of text, graph, and formula in your report. All commercial word processers should have a build-in capability to insert mathematical expressions. It is strongly recommended to use them to give a professional feel to you report.