Fall 2012 Math 107

Calculus II

12:30-1:20, MWF
115 Avery Hall

Office Hours: 11:30-12:00 MTWF

Office: 318 Avery


Phone: 472-7219 (No voice messages, please)

Turn Off All Wireless Electronic Devices Except For Sanctioned Calculators During Lectures, Quizzes, And Exams

Final Exam:

Monday, December 10th, from 6-8 pm

Room Assignment

 (Picture IDs required)

Gateway Exam (Sept. 18-Oct.19)

Group Project (Due Nov. 20)

Sec.251 Travis

Sec.252 Kevin

Sec.253 Ryan

Sec.254 Derek

§    Review Lists

§  Supplemental Notes


§  Sample Tests Folders: f02, f03, s05, ss03, ss04 (for the same textbook), f10, f09H, f09 (for a different textbook)


  • TI-8X Programs:

§ TI-85 Programs

§ TI-82,83,85,86,89 Programs on Integrals (except Right Point Rule, which can be derived from the Simpson and Left Point Rule as R(n)=2S(n)-L(n), giving you a complete package on integrals.)

§ TI-83 Programs on Integrals

§ TI-85 Programs on Integrals

§ TI-89 Programs on Integrals

§ TI-86 Programs on Euler’s Method