Math Pre-REU, Summer 2013

Signal and Image Analysis

Hello! Welcome to the math Pre-REU program at Texas A&M.
This site contains some information and resources related to the non-lecture portion of the program.
Please also see the main webpage for the class, maintained by Dr. Gregory Berkolaiko.
  • Here are a few resources for learning LaTeX:
  • Here are a few basic MATLAB guides:
  • Information on remote login:
    • If you have a Linux or Mac machine, the easiest way is just to open a terminal and enter:
      ssh -X matlab
      Make sure to replace YOUR_CALCLAB_USERNAME with the user name you use to login in class.
    • NoMachineNX and VOAL Tutorial. Use this for Linux/Mac/Windows machines.
  • Learn Linux, if you are interested:
    • Installing Linux is 100% free and very easy. I recommend starting with Ubuntu Linux.
    • Some resources:
      • Command Line Introduction,
      • Command Line Tutorial
      • Fourier Transform of Images via GIMP:
        • Installation instructions for Mac and Windows can be found here. To install on Linux, just run these commands (copy/paste in the terminal):
          cd $HOME/.gimp-*/plug-ins
          tar xvzf fourier-0.4.2.tar.gz
          cd fourier-0.4.2 > make
          make install
        • Pictures for transforming: