A list of my publications.

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5. J.-L. Guermond, A. Larios, T. Thompson, Validation of an entropy-viscosity model for large eddy simulation. Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation IX, ERCOFTAC Series, 20 (2015), 43-48 [pdf] [link]

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2. P. Kuberry, A. Larios, L.G. Rebholz, N.E. Wilson, Numerical approximation of the Voigt regularization of incompressible Navier-Stokes and magnetohydrodynamic flows, Computers & Mathematics with Applications 64(8) (2012), 2647-2662. [pdf]

1. A. Larios and E.S. Titi, On the higher-order global regularity of the inviscid Voigt-regularization of three-dimensional hydrodynamic modelsi, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B, 14(2) (2010), 603-627. (An invited article for a special issue in honor of Professor P. Kloeden on the occasion of his 60th birthday) [pdf]