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Accounts & Passwords

About the University Password Policy

How to Change Password

I want students in my class to use math department machines. Do they need Student Accounts?

I need a Computer Account set-up, what do I need to do?

Email and Mailing Lists

How do I set up Email?

How do I get a Mailing List set up and what lists are there?

How do I set up Mail Forwarding/Vacation Message?

What software do we have?


Classrooms with computers

Most of the classrooms on campus are supported by ITG. So this is the best place to go for help and documentation.

For various conferences, we have written cheat sheets on using the computers. We don't make an active effort to them up todate, if you see something wrong please let us know. Here are the files:

Gateway Exams

If you are teaching a class that makes use of the gateway exams (EDU).

We need you to do the following to have your class listed at:

After you set up your class in EDU, (See File:EDUclassfolders.doc for details)

Email us the following:

  • the link to the class
  • If you are teaching two or more sections of the same class:

some extra info to know which class goes with which link (typically time works best)

Special Hardware

In the Gradlab we have a machine, which is our multi-media machine. It has

  • a Scanner (using the Scanner)
  • a CD-RW/DVD-R drive

Please try not to use the computer unless you are using the scanner or cd burner.

We also have a DVD-R drive in an external enclosure, so you can make long term copies of your files.

Most of the office staff have scanners:

  • Marilyn has a scanner with a document feeder.
  • Lori has a scanner.
  • Liz has a scanner.

For special printers we have a color laser printer, the new one is sitting in Lori's office and the older one is in the gradlab.


How do I set up my Personal Webpage?

Some help with TeX.

Some information on computer Security.

I have money to spend, how do I Purchase hardware or software?

How to use Virtual Consoles in Linux.

Why you should Reboot Machines on a regular basis.

How do I deal with all of these PDF forms?

About Printers in the department.

How and under what conditions can I check out a Laptop?

How to get Wireless Access

Off Campus Access to department computers.

How to access the Library's electronic resources from off campus.