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Department of Mathematics

Math Day 2014_new Results

1,549 students from 110 Nebraska high schools participated in the 24th annual UNL Math Day on Thursday, November 21 on the UNL campus. This event is designed to spark high school students' interest in math, to encourage them to pursue a career in mathematics or the mathematical sciences, and to recognize outstanding mathematical ability.

This all day event consist of the PROBE I and PROBE II individual competitions and the fast-paced Math Bowl double elimination team competition. Students start with the multiple choice, preliminary exam called PROBE I (Problems Requiring Original and Brilliant Effort). The top three females and males receive awards. The top five, four, or three scores (depending on class) from each school determine the PROBE I Team score. The top 40 students move on to take an essay exam called PROBE II. The top 10 on PROBE II are awarded a total of $34,000 in four-year scholarships to UNL. These scholarships are generously supported by the Dean H. and Floreen G. Eastman Memorial Fund for Mathematics, the Gallup Math Day Fund, the UNL College of Engineering, and the UNL Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Math Bowl Tournament

The top two teams are listed for each class.

Class I

  1. Lincoln East: Jae Hyun Lim, Akshay Rajagopal, Ingrid Zhang
  2. Omaha North: Derek Chew, Ian Howell, Brad Tuttle

Class II

  1. Elkhorn: Colton Leal, Wyatt Osborn, Anthony Sufficool
  2. Omaha Creighton Prep: Kieran Kelly, Don Nguyen, Alex Vetter

Class III

  1. Norris: Bryson Anderson, Matt Rohman, Nick Wieskamp
  2. Mount Michael Benedictine: Jonathan Collins, Eun Woo Jee, Young Jonn Park

Class IV

  1. Lincoln Christian: Natalie Bui, Yichen Sun, Zehao Song
  2. Elmwood-Murdock: Trevor Lockman, Kyle Bogatz, Quintin Baumeister, Brenna Backemeyer, Daniel Goudie

Class V

  1. Harvard: Paden Derr, Mikayla Novak, Douglas Johnson
  2. East Butler: Moriah Barta, Zebulon Cooper, Cole Trojan

Class VI

  1. College View Academy: Brady Darrough, Jonathan Deemer, Quentin Peacock
  2. Hyannis: Tanner Holthus, Frannie Young, Chelsea Nollette

The third-place bowl teams for each class also received a trophy in 2013. Those winning schools are: Omaha Central (Class I), Elkhorn South (Class II), Beatrice (Class III), Centennial (Class IV), Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran (Class V), and Spalding Academy (Class VI).

PROBE I – Team Competition

Maximum possible team score is 100. The top five teams are listed for each class.

Class I

  1. Lincoln East (90.2)
  2. Omaha North (78.4)
  3. Lincoln Southeast (73.4)
  4. Lincoln Southwest (70.6)
  5. Millard South (69.2)

Class II

  1. Omaha Creighton Prep (78.4)
  2. Lincoln Pius X (68.4)
  3. Norris (67.6)
  4. Elkhorn High (64)
  5. Elkhorn South (60.6)

Class III

  1. Mount Michael Benedictine (93)
  2. Seward (67)
  3. Concordia Lutheran (62)
  4. Omaha Skutt Catholic (61.25)
  5. Beatrice (58.5)

Class IV

  1. Omaha Brownell-Talbot (89.33)
  2. Lincoln Christian (66)
  3. Johnson County Central (58.67)
  4. Auburn (55)
  5. Yutan (55)

Class V

  1. Nebraska Christian (72)
  2. Nebraska Ev. Lutheran (59)
  3. Perkins County (58)
  4. Emerson-Hubbard (57.67)
  5. East Butler (55)

Class VI

  1. Dorchester (59.67)
  2. Spalding Academy (51.67)
  3. Exeter-Milligan (44.67)
  4. Pope John (46.00)
  5. Mullen (42)

PROBE I – Individual Competition

The top three individuals are listed for each gender.


  1. Ingrid Zhang,  Lincoln East High School
  2. Ivy Wang, Omaha Brownell-Talbot High School
  3. Jainaha Srikumar, Omaha Brownell-Talbot High School


  1. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest High School
  2. Zachary Warneke, Millard South High School
  3. Jae Jun Park, Mount Michael Benedictine High School
  4. Young Jo Park, Mount Michael Benedictine High School

PROBE II – Scholarship Competition

The top 10 awarded four-year Math Day Scholarships to UNL. The award for 1st is $8,000, for 2nd-5th is $4,000 and for 6th-10th is $2,000. (The amount given is the four-year total).

Place Name School
1 Ingrid Zhang Lincoln East
2 Ian Howell Omaha North
3 Jae Hyun Lim Lincoln East
4 Zach Warneke Millard South
5 Ryan Goding Omaha Central
6 Ivy Wang Brownell-Talbot
7 Young Jonn Park Mount Michael Benedictine
8 Kenny Yang Brownell-Talbot
9 Felix Cui Lincoln East
10 Alan Alahmad Millard North
10 Jae Jun Park Mount Michael Benedictine
10 Jessica Zhou Brownell-Talbot


Other Results

Math Bowl - Completed Brackets

Probe I Top 40

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