Math Day

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Registration Reminder

The registration fee of $6.50 per student should be returned with this form by Friday, October 14, 2011. This fee is transferable. There is no extra fee for participation in the Math Bowl. If space permits, late registration (i.e., those postmarked after Friday, October 14, 2011) will be accepted at the rate of $13.00 per student. Math Bowl teams will be entered on a first come, first served basis in each of the four divisions. Tentatively, a school size (Fr + So + Jr + Sr) of:

  • Class A: 675 or more
  • Class B: 177-674
  • Class C or D: 176 or less

Final determination will depend on registration.

Mail to:

Lori Mueller
Math Day
210 Avery Hall
Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0130