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Department of Mathematics


In 1898 our department awarded its first Ph.D., to Albert L. Candy. His dissertation, written under the direction of Professor Ellery Davis, was titled A general theorem relating to transversals, and its consequences. In 1998 the Department of Mathematics and Statistics celebrated the 100th anniversary of this event. Our Centennial Celebration, held May 14–16 at UNL, was a gala occasion, with a reception in the Sheldon Art Gallery, a banquet, plenary addresses by several of our alumni, and sessions of contributed talks in research areas that have played a prominent role in the history of our department.

Pascal Weil
The PhD I earned from the Mathematics Department at UNL was a crucial asset in the pursuit of my academic career, on the frontier between mathematics and computer science. I have maintained the friendships—personal and professional—that I made at that time, and Lincoln is like a second home to me.
Pascal Weil Semigroup theory, PhD 1988 Charge' de Recherche au CNRS, Bordeaux