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Department of Mathematics


Special awards

The Department gives about $6000 annually in graduate student awards, recognizing the outstanding first-year student, the outstanding teaching assistant and the outstanding qualifying exam, as well as three to five other top students. Most of this money comes from an endowment supported by annual contributions by our faculty.

The Department has numerous fellowships that either provide funding in lieu of a GTA or supplement a GTA stipend.

The GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) Fellowships, funded by the US Department of Education, provide one calendar year of support for up to $30,000 (depending on financial need) with no teaching duties. In addition, GAANN Fellowships provide a generous educational allowance. Also, the NSF-funded MCTP (Mentoring through Critical Transition Points) project supports three first-year graduate students and three advanced graduate students at $22,500 for the calendar year, with no teaching duties.

The Department also has several university fellowships that supplement GTA's. In particular, the Department will award two Othmer Fellowships to students entering in Fall 2005. These fellowships pay $7,500 in addition to the GTA stipend for each of three years of graduate study.

Graham Leuschke
I cannot imagine a better place for me to have received a PhD than UNL. The faculty gave me all the tools to reach my fullest potential, and the supportive atmosphere perfectly complements the teaching, learning, and doing of mathematics.
Graham Leuschke Commutative Algebra, PhD 2000 NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (2000–2003) University of Kansas