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Department of Mathematics



The Department supports graduate student travel to professional meetings and conferences. Attendance at such meetings is important to our students' mathematical development and helps them make professional contacts that will benefit their future careers. Moreover, the strong presence of our graduate students at regional, national and international meetings has greatly enhanced the visibility of our program.

A supportive climate for women

Currently, about half of our graduate assistants are women. Our women faculty (among them is Sylvia Wiegand, past president of the 4500-member Association for Women in Mathematics) have a long history of active involvement in programs to encourage women in the mathematical sciences.

Michelle Homp
I really believe I owe my career to the mathematics and statistics department at UNL. It was due to their encouragement that I earned a PH.D. in the first place, and it was due to their mentoring that I gained the many experiences I did in preparing me to be a faculty member.
Michelle Homp Applied Mathematics, PhD 1997 Assistant Professor, Concordia College (Nebraska)