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Department of Mathematics


Wide range of teaching assignments

Typically, new GTAs are assigned calculus recitations. After the first year they generally have complete charge of their courses. These will usually be a variety of precalculus courses during the second and third years. More advanced GTAs teach calculus, contemporary mathematics, and courses in arithmetic and geometry for elementary teachers. Summer teaching is always available to GTAs who want it, and there the variety is even greater—differential equations, linear algebra and introductory abstract algebra for example.

Curricular experience outside the classroom

Our GTAs are involved in virtually all aspects of curriculum development, including implementation of calculators in precalculus, course goal setting, and textbook selection. They run calculator workshops and instructor preparation workshops, prepare syllabi and act as course convenors. These experiences not only prepare our students for life after the PhD, but also look good on their resumes.

Stephanie Fitchett
Deciding to go to graduate school at UNL was the best decision I ever made. The faculty is wonderful, the environment is challenging yet supportive, and the entire graduate experience provides excellent preparation for a career in research and teaching.
Stephanie Fitchett Algebraic Geometry, PhD 1997 Assistant Professor, Honors College Florida Atlantic University